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Thursday 10th November 2022

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Wednesday 9th November 2022

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Tuesday 8th November 2022

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Monday 7th November 2022

Email [UPDATE] Rackspace email issues impacting users attempting to login or send email (Potential Solution)

The Engineers at Rackspace are continuing to work on a full resolution for the various issues email users are experiencing. The reported issues include:

  • A login window loading forever prompting users for login credentials.
  • Users do have access, but their inbox is showing empty with 0 messages (primarily just impacting the inbox, not other folders) or reporting sending errors.
  • Users have no access at all.

As a potential workaround, users should attempt to login and use webmail at as the issues appear to be affecting a smaller user group in webmail and we have reports of users being able to access and successfully use webmail.

Regarding third party email clients (i.e. Outlook) not letting users log in or giving username/password prompts, a likely solution should be for users to check their connection to the server in their third party email client configuration (i.e. Outlook email account settings) to confirm that it's using a secure connection by way of current port numbers and by enabling SSL encryption for BOTH incoming & outgoing servers.

The secure settings are:

  • Secure POP: (Port 995)
  • Secure IMAP: (Port 993)
  • Secure SMTP: (Ports 465 which is the preferred port or 587)
  • Be sure to select options for secure SSL or TLS (Wording of encryption options vary by the email client. SSL is the preferred encryption. If your app supports TLS, make sure this is checked. Some will combine to say SSL/TLS.). The setting is typically found right by or underneath port numbers in checkbox or pulldown format.

For users that find an unsecure connection (non SSL/TLS such as incoming server ports 110 or 143) or using unsecure SMTP (sending server) port numbers including 25 or 2525, please try updating your connection to a secure port number provided above as that may solve the issue you're experiencing attempting to login to, or send from, a third party email client. Be sure to update to recommended ports and SSL for BOTH incoming and outgoing server settings.

Sunday 6th November 2022

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Saturday 5th November 2022

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Friday 4th November 2022

VersaDoc Failure error when processing VersaDoc documents

We are aware of an issue resulting from a Pageflex server update that is causing document processing to fail. If you experience any failed processing errors, please submit an edit for the document in your Springboard and our VersaDoc Support team will get the document fixed for you.